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General Details

I will start off by saying that Bailey provided the absolute best session I've ever experienced. Period. Her welcoming smile, her perfect legs (I love long legs for which Bailey’s fits the description), her incredible breasts, great conversation and ability to put you at ease the minute you meet was a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ experience. The session flowed according to our mutual desires and was not scripted in any way. It was perfection as Bailey treated me like a king

The Juicy Details

Bailey was available at the time that I wanted so I jumped on the chance to meet her for the first time. About 30 minutes before the appointment, she emailed me to let me know she was on her way. I am proud to confirm that she was right on-time; nothing better than a stunning, gorgeous, down-to-earth provider that is actually on time!

I asked Bailey if she could visit me in my hotel room and she was more than happy to fulfill my request. Next thing I knew, I hear someone knocking on my door; as I looked through the peephole, it was Bailey waiting to let her in. I cannot emphasize enough as to how beautiful this woman is. Even before we hugged---and even before we kissed (and mind you, she is an a-m-a-z-i-n-g kisser!!)---I had this premonition that Bailey was going to be my A.T.F….such premonition was, to say the least, correct.

Bailey indicated to me that she was going to take a shower---and she asked if I wanted to join her. So even though I had just showered, I would be an idiot to allow the opportunity to be wet and naked in a shower with that beauty; next thing I knew, my clothes fell to the floor and I jumped into the shower with her with an incredibly huge smile on my face! Some kissing and fondling and soaping and rinsing later, we dried off and headed for the bed.

I like a free-form session that just lets the activities happen and Bailey was the perfect partner for that! We started with some kissing and caressing (she has the most fantastic body I’ve been with). Bailey then asked if I liked GFE; I hesitated not one moment and of course I said “yes” and she headed down for a speechless BBBJ….literally, the BEST I’ve ever had! I moved her into a 69 position and enjoyed DATY and listening to her genuine moans were turning me on and getting me all hot and bothered. I held her legs against my head and caressed her lovely thighs. I was definitely in Heaven.

I had never had Greek before and I asked if we could try. Bailey said that Greek is her favorite and brought out the lube and cover; after getting all lubed up and condom being on, I finally got in….talk about the best feeling in the world…I did not want to come out of her amazing ass. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say her ass was personally chiseled by God Himself!

Our 2-hour session was quite intense, it was extremely erotic and it’s 2 hours that I will never forget. So we tried Cowgirl, Doggy, 69, BBBJ (again and again!); I couldn’t think of everything I wanted to do with her because I *really* wanted to do everything to her!  Several times over, we were both so sweaty, we turned on the AC; we both got quite the workout!

Honestly, I was/am so enthralled with her beauty and shape, I just wanted to caress her and I wanted to memorize every square inch of her addicting body. We then took another shower together, we dried off, hugged, kissed and said our goodbyes with a promise/guarantee to see each other as often as possible.

This was truly the best session I have had in my hobby experience. I cannot say this enough. Bailey is the type of girl you would love to take to dinner and have a nice conversation while admiring her natural beauty and stunning smile; any sexual extras are just a big plus to an already perfect encounter.

Because of my limited ‘rainy day’ budget, I plan to reduce my hobby encounters and save up for visits to see Bailey. She is worth every penny even if you just hugged and kissed and kept your pants on; anything else is icing on the cake!
Bailey…thank you so much for a night that I will never forget. Until next time, sweet thing!