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General Details

Bailey had often mentioned to me when I saw her and her friend Khloe Castro together that she would love another man there
to fulfil some fantasys of hers I was going to need spring for the cost of the additional talent the last time I
saw just her when she mentioned that she had access to a guy she could work with if need be without an additional fee. I not
being one to ruin a mood decided that if she was comfortable with this guy and he was comfortable working with her that
I couldn't go wrong helping her with this part of her dream so I agreed the next time we met to have her bring her guy friend
coworker or whatever she wanted to call him and we would make her dreams come true and of course mine as seeing her enjoy
herself is the icing on the cake. We met at her incall, she answered the door giving me a great big DFK in one of her classically beautiful outfits that left just enough to the imagination to be socially acceptable to actually wear in public. She introduced me to her guy friend Tom who had been sitting on the couch, big fella had a former military look about him. He said hello and asked me how hot I thought Bailey looked tonight, my reply seemed insufficient now that I think about it as I said "Stunning as always". I left my Gift on the counter at this point we discussed a few details and retired to the bedroom leaving all our clothes behind.
I have to say that I don't think I ever would have considered seeing Bailey or any other
lady with another man unless Bailey had suggested it via letting me know about her DP Fantasy. Apparently she has found a 'friend' that can be the other guy that makes the experience comfortable mostly cause even though you know he is there, you can't really tell he is unless you are looking right at him and most of the time all the attention is on Bailey so hes not noticable.
Bailey now wants to fulfill her orgy fantasy with Khloe being brought into the mix with two or more guys.
I would love to be a fly on that wall assuming I am not in the middle of the show. After we all finished getting dressed and mostly ready I said my farewells to Bailey as I know I can't see her again too soon and I left with a grin on my face that I know has lasted for days.

The Juicy Details


The few details we covered was a brief recap of who was going to be doing what with who mainly that Tom and I would not be interacting with each other but only with the incredible Bailey. I sat down on the bed slid back & she followed with Tom coming up behind her, Bailey started right away with her best in the world BBBJ. Tom started his oral stimulation of Bailey to great effect as every time he got the right spot she paused for just a second on my shaft whether she was at the base or the tip to take in the sensation. There is only so much of Bailey's BBBJ a mortal man can take & she just about had me to the finish in no time so I suggested she flip around & let me wrap up & fuck her doggy while she worked on Tom. She said she wanted to start in missionary while Tom face fucked her. I got a good grip on her legs as she hung her head off the edge of the bed & Tom proceeded to face/throat fuck Bailey, she was loving every second of it as she started gushing from her pussy & then started her griping from it as well. Not long after we got the rhythm going in this position I couldn't hold back any longer & let it go in the bag. Tom seeing I was done for the moment flipped Bailey around got ready and plunged right into her pussy, & proceeded to thoroughly pound her as she instructed him to go faster, deeper, or slower as she wanted as I got tided up I just sat back & enjoyed the show occasionally holding her legs for her; then I put my cock in Baileys mouth & she went right to that incredible deep BBBJ of hers again. She very quickly brought new life to my rod & she looked me right in the eye as Tom was still pounding away at her & proclaimed "now your going to fuck me in the ass". She got up on all fours with her legs on the floor leaning on top of the bed & Tom who was sitting on the edge, she shook her ass at me & told me to fuck it. I did, She was dripping wet from her fucking so much so that both her holes were well lubed so I plunged into her ass, Bailey loves Greek & every time I got balls deep she would let lose the sweetest sounding moan & stop sucking on Tom's member for just a second. Tom asked if she was ready for the main event (her getting DP'd), she look up & exclaimed "yes"! Tom backed up Bailey climbed up on top of him & inserted his considerable member, she leaned over him so I could plug her ass with mine. Even though I had just been giving her tight asshole considerable attention she now had a big rod filling her pussy & that combined with her amazing body got her anus very tight again. I got myself in a good spot so I could move behind her & wedged my rod into her ass, every inch that went in got a louder yelp or moan out of Bailey until finally I was as in as far as I could get, she was indeed all filled up. She was clearly in her own little heaven at the moment as she wriggled & writhed on the two cocks that were in her & I was perfectly content to let her savor this moment just like this as long as she wanted. She got herself situated with the double stimulation & had just one thing to say, "fuck the shit out of me". Tom & I both started thrusting into her & after some jockeying we got a rhythm going with me thrusting into her ass as he was backing out of her pussy & vis/versa. Bailey was loving every second of it she was making little sounds between her screams of pure pleasure & uttering a few little instructions for the most part she was obviously so stimulated she was not really in control of herself. The visual of Bailey getting off more & more combined with the added motion of Toms cock in her pussy brought me to another finish. I climbed off & got rid of the bag & Tom seized this opportunity to take Bailey in her ass. He flipped her over into mish & plugged her ass with her legs pointing high up in the air, I have got to say it is something else just to actually watch Bailey Fuck, I have watched her with Khloe & that is all sweet and naughty cause she is with another girl but to actually get to watch her fucking is practically worth the price of admission to the show all by itself. Tom kept at her ass for a while & I came over and started playing with her tits as she played with my Johnson & sure enough she brought him back to life in no time with her hands and amazing mouth. Tom suggested we DP her again with me under her this time. We switched around covered up & got right back into
it with me under Bailey this time with her beautiful face & spectacular tits right in my mug. The look of ecstasy on her
face as Tom plugged her ass with his cock was more than just stimulating. Bailey was clearly getting close to another one
of her huge probably squirting O's I knew she had had many smaller ones just from the way she clamps down when she does
but she hadn't had a big one yet & I have seen that look on her face as she gets close enough to know it was knocking.
Sure enough after a few minutes of her getting it from both ends some more the big one came she clamped down with her pussy, ass & let out a passionate scream that quite clearly declared she had indeed reached her plateau. I guess it was too much for Tom as he finished as well as she was reaching the end of hers. Tom climbed off Bailey & I rolled us over staying inside her she was still reeling from her O just staying in her & moved a bit watching her as she came back to earth. I started some real thrusting once she was well aware of the world again & she was all for getting us both off again. I had just about completely forgotten that Tom was even in the room until I looked in one of the mirrors & saw him watching the show. I knew it was too soon for me to get another finish in so soon but Bailey apparently still had some little ones left in her as she clamped down & let one release her again. I got off her & watched her enjoy another moment, once she got her senses back she realized it was time for everyone to get cleaned up and she invited me into the shower. She played with me in the shower some.